What's happening with the kids?


Rain or Shine ?

Well it should be offical by now with all the rain we are having. It's hard to tell if we are in the rainy season or still winter! Have you ever been to Hawaii? Well if you haven't the weather here is much that same in Hawaii, rain and pour one minute and then sun shine the next. Sure makes for a fun day at the beach though, but seriously it still get rather chilly at night.

We do hope that everyone is doing well back home with the nasty weather you all have been geting. If only we could bottle some of this nice warm salty weather up and send it to you back at home we most certainly would!

Easter is Coming

Easter is only a few days away and we wanted to wish everyone back home a happy and safe Easter. If you would like to send us an email just send it here: Contact The Kids


Cape Zanpa Light House

Shi Shi Dog